Hi! I’m Adam.

The short story is that where I am today is a lot different from where I was 6 years ago when I realised I needed to change my life in a big way.

Since then, I have:

  • Started on my journey to more financial and time independence.
  • I have been living in my 3rd country since then.
  • Battled through a lot of internal struggles along the way and still do.
  • Met the love of my life, got married, and our son was born last year 🙂
  • I started this blog & became introduced to AI and realised woah this sh&^ is gonna change everything, literally.

I am not at the finish line yet, I am still on my journey, but my hope is that what I am learning on the way can help you.

About Me

Right, the personal stuff, let’s jump back to 6 years ago….

I had been living in another country for 8 years at the time and thought it was probably about time I move back home and put a deposit on a house, ye know settle down and do what I thought I was supposed to do.

But there was a problem, even after working as a full-time engineer at that point for almost eight years, I didn’t even have enough for a 10% deposit for a house – pooling everything I had saved and even including any retirement contributions.

I was like, WTF, how can this be true – I did exactly what I was supposed to do, that plan where you go to school, then university, study hard, and get a job with a good company, and everything was supposed to be set. So why the Fu#@ was it not working?

It’s not that I wasn’t good with money, I didn’t spend much but I, like everyone else I knew just accepted the fact that no one had much spare cash after living expenses.

I also just thought this was normal. I had no one talk to me about investing or charting a different course other than 9 to 5, eat, work, sleep, rinse & repeat.

I had daydreamed many times about being an entrepreneur or going and working somewhere crazy abroad for better money. I had tried to make money online before but didn’t have the right guidance, ultimately gave up and just accepted that I couldn’t;t do it – I wasn’t cut out to be an entrepreneur.

I realised at that point, though, these couldn’t remain as daydreams if I wanted my life to be different.

So, at this point, my dissatisfaction with my financial future became greater than my anxiety about actually doing what I had dreamed about doing and even though the whole time it has been a ridiculously stressful and anxious time, and still is sometimes, I finally started making progress:

Started on my journey to more financial and time independence.

I took a leap of faith, quit my job and took a temporary job in yet another country that had the hope it could turn into something bigger in the Middle East – luckily the stress and anxiety from this move paid off.

Just after moving to the Middle East, I stumbled across the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) concept and the community of people that were either on their own path to achieving this or people that already had.

It was at this point I had opened a door that I could no longer close, once I had been exposed to the possibility of a different financial future and the hope of possibility I was hooked.

Now, I know it sometimes get a bad rap but I think that it is misunderstood by some, really it’s not about retiring early it’s about getting to a point where you have enough money that you can tell your boss, your commute or whatever to FU%$ OFF.

For me, I just wanted to stop having to work the 9 to 5 grind and give me more options and more freedom. I have always struggled with low self-confidence and anxiety and the whole 9 to 5 job thing was horrible. I really liked when we had to work remotely during COVID times as I could just do my work and not have to deal with people and office politics.

But as soon as we had to go back into the office my fears and anxiety came rushing back, even kicking my insomnia and sleep problems to another level – I was always anxious and hated the office but now on top of that I was absolutely exhausted and miserable. Yes I was making more money than years before but I still HAD to be in the office working – a place where I dreaded going to more and more.

That’s when I decided I needed to resurrect another past dream of mine – to become an entrepreneur and start a side hustle with the hopes this could be my ticket to telling open plan offices, pointless meetings, office politics and commuting to fu^% off.

Enter this blog you are reading now

I had previously tried to make money online but I did it on my own and with absolutely no idea what to do. I really tried to push through for almost a year but ultimately gave up and thought I just wasn’t born an entrepreneur.

So, I had a problem – I had this belief that I wasn’t an entrepreneur and could only make money through a regular job but this crushing, looming dread and increasing hate of said regular job.

Just like 6 years ago, the pain of my present circumstances was greater than my fears so I had to just push through my fears and doubts.

I knew that whatever I do it had to be online and something I could do during my evenings and weekends whilst also working full-time. I spent a long time looking on the internet for WTF to do.

I came across blogging and thought yeah, this whole blogging thing would fit the bill perfectly. It still felt absolutely not possible for me to actually achieve it but I had to try and push through my fears and do it.

This time it was different though, I had help and guidance on what to do and how to do it.

This is how my blog was born and let me tell you it has been and is still a rollercoaster of emotions.

Along the way I was introduced to AI tools to make content more efficiently and for research etc. At first I thought these were just gimmicky things and not really going to actually help me get this blogging thing going.

I was very wrong with that, once I actually learnt how to use these artificial intelligence tools and saw what they were capable of was like – oh sh%$, these are game changers and not just for blogging.

I realised that we are at the very infancy of AI and it has already come on leaps and bounds in just the last year. The tools and software that are coming out now will affect every industry and in my opinion in not so many years, AI will be in incorporated in our lives as much as the internet is today.

This is why I decided to shift the focus on my blog to technology and for the main focusing on doing my best to bring artificial intelligence to a wider audience.

I know this sounds cheesy but I genuinely believe that AI can be used to help us in our daily lives and also in our jobs. I believe it is the quickest way to start a side hustle and change your financial future.

I believe that if we don’t learn and incorporate AI into our lives now, in a few short years we will need to anyway. On the more negative side to future-proof our jobs might be largely scaled back if you are in an industry where AI can take over.

Or on the more positive side, learn how to use AI to be more productive and keep up with demands. I believe that using AI is such a massive opportunity to start that side hustle.

If you have got all the way down to here, thank you for reading and I hope my blog can help you get to a better future too.

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