Unlock more time & money through AI & tech.

I delve into AI and technology to help you empower your career, start lucrative side hustles, and optimize your time—essential steps towards achieving financial independence and time freedom.

Embrace cutting-edge tech to secure your job, explore new opportunities, and increase income, while efficiently managing workload for a balanced and successful journey.

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How I can help you

Empower Your Career.

Explore how staying updated with AI and other technologies can secure your current job, open up new opportunities, and ultimately increase your income.

Create a Profitable Side Hustle.

Discover how AI can fuel innovative and successful side hustles, supplementing your income on your journey towards financial independence.

Save Money and Energy.

Uncover practical strategies and AI-powered tools that can help you optimize your budget, reduce expenses, save energy and fast-track your path to financial independence.

Save Time and reduce Workload.

Discover the importance of becoming more productive using AI, enabling you to effectively manage both your career and side hustles.

Have better health.

I have had a few key challenges along the way, some that I am still trying to solve but I have found technology to actually be helpful when it comes to insomnia & health tracking for positive feedback.

Let’s design your financial independence in 2023.

Let me guide you through the maze of financial independence using my insights as an engineer and expat.

With a focus on the potential of AI and technology, we’ll explore how to enhance your career, initiate lucrative side hustles, and manage finances for a future of freedom and abundance.

Hi! I’m Adam.

Hi, I’m Adam. Using my unique experiences and knowledge, I’m on a journey towards financial independence via a tech-centric side hustle.

On my blog, I share valuable insights on how leveraging AI and technology can elevate your career or kick-start your own side hustle.

Together, let’s harness technology and strategy to carve our path to financial freedom and time abundance