Let’s Make Engineering Great Again!

As Engineers, we spend too much time doing boring and routine tasks, instead of doing real engineering work – the reason we became engineers. I’m trying to change that, by:

  1. Teaching what we actually need to know as civil engineers.
  2. Embracing digital tools to reduce time spent doing the boring shit.
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Two big problems.

A comparison image of a ruler with two segments: a small one labeled "What you actually need to know" and a larger one labeled "Stuff taught at University.

In my opinion we were made to learn so much extra theory and just general useless crap at University – the vast majority of it is not helpful in our jobs.

I remember rocking up to work on day 1 after getting my Masters degree and not having a fucking clue.

On my blog I try to simplify important Civil Engineering knowledge down into what I think is important to know – engineering, construction, structural engineering & marine engineering.

Comparison image: Left shows iconic buildings labeled "What you thought you would be doing as a Civil Engineer." Right shows email, document, spreadsheet, PDF, and presentation icons labeled "What you actually do all day.

I wanted to be a Civil Engineer since 13 years old and I thought I would be building cool stuff every day.

I don’t know about you but what takes up the vast majority of my time is boring admin type crap like emails, phone calls, meetings, writing reports, updating spreadsheets and chasing people all day to do what they said they would do.

I am on a mission to discover and figure out how, as Civil Engineers we can embrace digital technology, like artificial intelligence to spend less time doing boring shit and more time being actual engineers.

Let me know what topics or tools you want to understand more.

Send me an email, let me know – it would be great to hear what topics in civil engineering you find difficult and need simplifying & also what new digital tools you want to know more about how they can simplify your life as a civil engineer..

Hi! I’m Adam.

I’m Adam, a Marine Civil Engineer with 10+ years of experience working as an engineer in 4 different countries.


  1. Simplify engineering concepts and knowledge to what you actaully need to be a great engineer.
  2. Helping Engineers spend more time doing actual engineering by embracing technology and new digital construction tools to spend less time doing the boring shit and more time doing actual engineering”