Have you been thinking of starting a side hustle to make extra money online and increase your financial independence?

You may have heard about Artificial Intelligence but did you know, in my opinion this new technology is one of the easiest ways to start a side hustle.


Well, you don’t need to be very technologically advanced to start an easy AI side hustle and the best bit is when you actually learn how to use AI tools you can create a lucrative side hustle more efficiently than ever before.

Let me guide you through the best AI side hustles that are out there now in my opinion.

image of a robot in a green jacket sat at a desk on the computer surrounded by piles of cash

The Emergence of AI Side Hustles

AI has become ubiquitous in our lives, its capabilities extending beyond voice assistants and social media algorithms to provide a supplemental income through AI side hustles.

The power behind voice assistants like Siri and Alexa drives algorithms on social media platforms. It is now paving new paths for income generation in the form of AI side hustles.

There is serious money to be made

Side hustles have always been an effective way to make extra money to supplement primary job earnings. But with technological advancements, specifically artificial intelligence and machine learning, the landscape is changing fast.

McKinsey Global Institute reports that 50% of companies are incorporating at least one type of AI capability into their business processes, opening up vast potential markets for those who can leverage these technologies effectively.

Potential Market Size & Growth

a robot standing in front of a pile of cash with electricity coming out of his hands

To appreciate just how lucrative this opportunity could be, consider market growth and size statistics. Grand View Research notes that the global Artificial Intelligence market was valued at USD 39.9 billion in 2023 but predicts it will grow by a compound annual rate (CAGR) of 42.2% from 2023 to 2027.

This significant projected growth suggests an increasing number of profitable side hustle ideas emerging as more businesses seek innovative solutions powered by artificial intelligence or machine learning technologies.

Tapping Into The Trend: How Can You Benefit?

If you’re intrigued by these developments and want your share in this booming industry sector, it’s easier than you think:

  • Leveraging Your Skills: You don’t necessarily need extensive experience working with advanced tech tools – even a basic understanding coupled with creativity can go a long way toward developing unique products using AI tools.

  • Demand For Specialized Services: With the growing demand for specialized services such as content creation automation, SEO optimization, etc., leveraging your skills alongside powerful AI tools presents great earning opportunities outside regular jobs.

Key Takeaway

A.I. is revolutionizing the children’s book industry, from crafting engaging narratives to designing vibrant covers. You can create captivating books even without professional writing or design skills using advanced models like GPT-3 for story creation and machine learning tools for organization; with print-on-demand services handling production and distribution, turning a profit with your literary side hustle has never been easier, however you must use AI content detection tools to generate content ideas and make sure your writing is of high quality.

Area #1. Become a Web Creator

image of a part-man part-robot sat in front of a computer screen creating a website,

1. Become a Blogger

Blogs are no longer websites full of blog posts that are journal-type entries – they are about showcasing what a freelance writer you are and what value you can bring to a wider audience.

This can be almost any niche that you have skills and experience in or that you are really interested in. AI Blogging tools can help you write blog posts more efficiently than ever before and get your message out faster.


This is what I chose as my side hustle πŸ™‚

2. Create an Ecommerce website

Eccomernce has been growing for the past decade now and pretty much everyone buys most things online these days so why not capitalize on this trend with another growing trend – use AI tools in ecommerce to really ramp up your website quickly and strategicaly.

3. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Similar to blogging, affiliate marketing is a more nuanced type of AI side hustle idea that you main product is that you rank high in google and can promote other people’s products.

You are essentially what they see first when they search in Google.

Affiliate marketing is definitely more competitive now but that is only because there are so many websites out there and most, in my opinion don’t know what they are doing with affiliate marketing. If you do it right you don’t even need followers to start and you can scale up very quickly.

4. Become a Web Designer

man wearing a white suit and shades sat in front of a computer deisgning websites, a robot stands behind him

In web design, game-changing solutions – AI-powered website builders- have emerged.

These platforms leverage machine learning algorithms to simplify design while offering extensive customization options. This way, users can create unique websites that reflect their brand identity without needing any coding expertise.

A prime example is Adobe XD, which uses artificial intelligence to generate striking designs based on user preferences.


It improves efficiency and ensures consistent output quality across all projects – making it an ideal tool for your profitable side hustle business.

Area #2. Use Your Writing Skills With AI Technology

a robot sat at a desk writing with a desk light shining on them

1. Enhancing Your Freelance Writing & Copywriting with AI Writing Tools

Few fields have felt the impact of advancements in artificial intelligence as much as freelance writing has, and this is one of the prime ai side hustles you can get started with today.

Modern-day sophisticated AI writing tools assist writers by generating ideas, creating outlines, and even drafting content – saving them precious time and effort while maintaining high-quality standards.

a man in a red t-shirt turning around saying "it will save me a lot of time"

In my opinion, the role of writers and copywriters is changing. Some fear that AI tools will completely replace copywriters, however, I think these tools need to be mastered by content writers so that they become content optimizers rather than just writers.

Here’s how:

  • Jarvis.ai: This platform employs generative artificial intelligence technology capable of crafting persuasive messages that engage readers effectively.

  • Grammarly: An excellent aid when you want an error-free copy every single time.

  • Hemingway Editor: Makes your writing bold & clear by highlighting lengthy sentences or complex phrases.

As we explore lucrative side hustles involving AI, these software applications provide a competitive edge in today’s saturated digital marketplace, where everyone is looking at leveraging AI services.

2. Leveraging A.I. for Professional Resume Writing

a robot with orange eyes sat at a desk in a grey suit on his laptop applying for jobs

A well-crafted resume is more than just an information dump; it’s a strategic document that highlights relevant skills and experiences while appealing to hiring managers’ preferences.

This is where artificial intelligence shines.

The real magic happens when these tools provide suggestions based on data analysis from thousands of successful resumes.

Identifying power words or phrases that catch recruiters’ attention, recommending optimal placement of keywords, etcetera.

By learning how to use AI resume software, alongside your storytelling prowess in crafting compelling career narratives.

You can create impactful resumes that help clients secure coveted positions.

3. Creating Profitable Ventures With Children’s Books

The potential for extra income in children’s literature is vast, particularly when paired with artificial intelligence.

AI-generated content can be a game-changer, crafting captivating narratives that resonate deeply with young readers.

Imagine harnessing advanced language models to generate text so human-like it could have come from an award-winning author.

This isn’t just possible – it’s already happening.

4. Penning Engaging Stories Using AI

This process involves using generative artificial intelligence like GPT-3 (an impressive model developed by OpenAI) to help craft your own book from initial storyline and refine it into a tale that will keep kids hooked page after page.

This technology doesn’t stop at generating storylines

It also suggests improvements and additions enhancing character development or plot progression – making your book more engaging than ever before.

Making Use Of Organizational Tools For Writers

Beyond writing assistance, there are platforms designed specifically for writers which offer tools powered by machine learning algorithms.

These services assist you in organizing all elements related to your story efficiently while incorporating suggestions based on data analysis

This ensures every aspect complements each other perfectly.

Crafting Appealing Book Covers with Artificial Intelligence

Let’s not forget about the importance of visual appeal.

  • In addition to compelling stories, creating attractive book covers significantly draws attention among children who often gravitate towards vibrant illustrations.
  • Luckily, we now have access to digital art platforms capable of transforming simple images into works reminiscent of famous artists’ styles.
  • You can design eye-catching covers easier than ever, even if you lack professional graphic design skills.

Distributing Your Work Via Print-On-Demand Services

Gone are the days of searching for publishers willing to invest in an author’s work.

Thanks to print-on-demand services such as Amazon KDP and IngramSpark, these platforms allow you to upload your manuscript along with its cover image.

moving GIF image of a cat batting a printer when paper comes out

Then handles all aspects of production and distribution, offering convenience and ease-of-use.

This is great for budding authors looking to make some side hustle or extra cash through literary endeavors.

Key Takeaway

A.I. is revolutionizing the children’s book industry, from crafting engaging narratives to designing vibrant covers. You can create captivating books even without professional writing or design skills using advanced models like GPT-3 for story creation and machine learning tools for organization; with print-on-demand services handling production and distribution, turning a profit with your literary side hustle has never been easier, however you must use AI content detection tools to generate content ideas and make sure your writing is of high quality.

Area #3. Using AI Services To Create Digital Products

Side hustles involving digital products are a goldmine for new investors.

The key to make more money and unlocking this potential lies in creating and selling e-books or design templates, which have seen an upsurge due to the proliferation of online businesses.


The role of artificial intelligence here is not just significant but transformative. A.I. tools can enhance audio quality by minimizing background noise and adding immersive effects that captivate listeners.

Likewise, image-enhancing software backed by machine learning algorithms can convert ordinary pictures into eye-catching visuals perfect for graphic design templates.

1. Become an AI Artist

a small robot is standing on an artists messy table holding three paintbrushes. The robot is covered in paint

A fascinating trend has emerged recently – the rise in demand for ai-generated art from individual consumers and corporate brands alike.

Artists leveraging generative artificial intelligence can now create unique pieces on using ai technology of ai generated images on previously unimaginable scale.

This surge presents lucrative opportunities within your side hustle business – you could earn substantial profits selling digital art while pushing boundaries within the art world. But it’s more than just about creation; there’s also potential profit in reselling or licensing these creations.


Brands may seek unique visuals generated through advanced A.I. tools to create online courses, using them across social media platforms or even incorporating them into physical merchandise like t-shirts and posters.


To succeed with this venture, though, requires understanding what types of Ai-generated content resonate most with audiences today.

Whether they prefer abstract patterns or realistic portraits produced via machine learning techniques.

I can show you how to make money with AI Art but first you need to master the AI Art tools and firstly learn how to write art prompts.

2. Become an expert on Midjourney

a woman with an elaborate head dress is sat at a table painting

One AI art generator that is becoming more popular every day is Midjourney. This art generator can be free (for a certain number of credits per month and all your art is publically visible) or it can be paid where you can create your own server.

Midjourney uses Discord and you enter your art prompts into the discord server itself. It takes a bit of getting used to setting it up and using it but after a short time you can create some really cool shit, very quickly.

I think Midjourney is great but you need to learn how to write decent Midjourney prompts and also how you can create scripts that can make money with Midjourney.

3. Create Anime Art

A small but growing niche within digital AI art is creating anime characters; you might be surprised how popular this is. The prompts that you would need to create anime are nuanced compared with the general art so you would need to learn anime art prompts and also the top anime art generators.

4. Create AI Headshots

Even with the rise of AI resume-building apps there is still the need for people’s resumes to stand out. A great way to do this is with a really unique but professional headshot image that you can provide using a decent AI headshot tool.

Once you learn how to create headshots properly, you can provide this service as a standalone or maybe as part of a resume creation service.

Area #4. AI Tools for Creating & Editing Videos

1. Create A Faceless Youtube Channel

I am not saying this is the best way to start a youtube channel but it could be a could way to start to build up your confidence. Most people watch youtube videos for the personality of the person in the video.

However you can definitely get your Youtube career going with the right AI video editing tools to create youtube video content where you don’t even need to show your face – just make sure what you are creating still provides value to your viewers.

2. Become A Video Editor

The editing process for videos is long but thankfully, AI video tools that are out there now and getting better by the day can speed this up A LOT!

You could offer your services to edit videos for youtube channels or maybe for TikTok or Instagram shorts, and as long as you know how to use the video editing tools correctly, you can do it in so much less time than doing it completely manually.

Area #5. Social Media Management

With the rise of A.I. side hustles, artificial intelligence is proving to be a formidable force within social media management. The capabilities of these innovative tools and services are revolutionizing tasks, enhancing efficiency, and providing valuable insights that can help fine-tune strategies.

A key aspect where A.I. shines is content generation. ThAI-powered tools use machine learning algorithms and analyze user behavior trends across various platforms to generate engaging content ideas. This saves time and money online ensures your blog post or posts hit the mark with your target audience every single time.

1. Become a Social Media Manager

Whether you are a social media manager by day or are just interested in this as a potential side hustle, you can go beyond the normal offerings of a social media manager such as just creating social media posts and give even more value to potential clients.

2. Analyze Performance Data with A.I. Tools

The magic of artificial intelligence doesn’t stop at creating and scheduling posts – it also extends into analyzing performance data from your social media channels. 

Social media analytics powered by A.I., such as Sprout Social or Hootsuite Insights, collect large amounts of interaction data (likes, shares, comments) and alan-demographic information about followers – presenting actionable insights that guide future strategy decisions based on real-time feedback rather than assumptions.

3. Finding Your Audience Through Machine Learning Algorithms

In successful social media management of ai services, identifying ‘your audience’ plays a crucial role, and here again, A.I. steps up, offering invaluable assistance.

Using machine learning algorithms – integral components of many modern marketing software suites like HubSpot and Marketo – they’re designed specifically for this purpose. They analyze patterns among existing followers and then identify similar profiles elsewhere in the platform’s user base, potentially expanding reach exponentially.

This level of precision targeting, combined with the innovative use of other features offered by advanced systems, makes leveraging artificial intelligence one of the smartest moves new investors interested in early retirement can make in their quest to for financial freedom.

Key Takeaway: 

A.I. is a game-changer in social media management, supercharging content generation, and data analysis for spot-on strategies. By identifying audience patterns, A.I. can expand your reach exponentially. Harnessing these tools could be the ace up your sleeve towards early retirement.

Area #6. Provide SEO Services

In the ever-evolving landscape of side hustles, certain areas have seen a surge in demand. Two such sectors are resume writing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These fields present ample opportunities for those who are combining their expertise with A.I. tools to deliver high-quality services.

1. Optimizing Websites with AI-Powered SEO Tools

Digital presence has become non-negotiable for businesses today b, ut standing out amidst online clutter requires effective SEO strategies – something many companies struggle with due to a lack of understanding or resources, cheating significant opportunity if you’re proficient at it.

To maximize efficiency and results, consider using AI-powered SEO platforms. They use machine learning algorithms no identify suitable keywords considering competition level relevance and suggest improvements regarding site architecture and backlinking strategy, among other aspects contributing towards improved SERPs rankings.

This blend of technical know-how and cutting-edge technology makes professional resume writing and website optimization highly lucrative options for potential extra income powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Area #7. Become a Virtual Assistant

You have probably heard of virtual assistants but did you know there are so many AI tools out there that you can leverage to make the different tasks an assistant does so much quicker and easier. You can learn how to use these AI tools to become much more productive.

1. Assist with Meetings

We all love meetings, not, but the worst part for me anyway was being volun-told I was the one to take meeting minutes, frantically trying to keep up with everything in the meeting, distribute the meeting minutes, get everyone to review, make sure the actions items were listed and blah blah on and on.

There are specialist AI tools that can automatically transcribe meeting minutes and understand who said what and what actions are the responsibility of each person.

There is also AI software to help with smart scheduling of meetings so you don’t need to be constantly following up with people and when they are free or when they reschedule.

Area #8. Use Your voice (or a Robot’s)

1. Become a Voice-Over Artist

The voiceover industry is experiencing a significant transformation thanks to the advent of artificial intelligence. The demand for AI-powered voiceovers has surged in recent years as streaming giants like Netflix seek more efficient ways to localize their content.

This shift isn’t just about meeting global demands; it’s also opening up new avenues for individuals and businesses looking at side hustles that leverage A.I. technology. It’s an exciting time indeed.

This article on Bloomberg provides some valuable insights into how dubbed shows are gaining popularity worldwide – all pointing towards a growing market ripe for exploration.

2. Overdubbing Videos Using A.I.

In this rapidly evolving landscape, we see innovations such as Nova A.I., which offers automatic video translation services providing subtitles – presenting an affordable alternative to traditional dubbing methods.

This tool uses advanced machine learning algorithms to translate spoken language accurately and maintain natural speech patternsNova A.I.’s software enables even those without professional training or experience in audio and video editing software or foreign languages to provide high-quality overdubbing services.

YoTheyffer comprehensive tools designed around user needs – targeting international markets or seeking global reach through your creative work.

PoWhenombining these advancements with other AI-powered tools discussed earlier (like social media management and SEO optimization). , potential opportunities aboundDiversifying income streams while leveraging technological advances can fast-track early retirement goals.

3. Become a Voice Meme Specialist

Companies are always looking for new ways to get their brand out there and get it to go viral somehow. A really cool new way is with AI voice memes but you need to know how to create AI voice memes first.

Where Can I sell Sell My Side Hustle Services?

Promote Yourself On Fiverr

A great place to start to put yourself out there is on Fiverr and you really don’t need to be highly-skilled to do this. This can be a great, good starting point and place to gain a reputation, get some great reviews and go from there

FAQs about Side Hustles

How do you use A.I. as a side hustle?

You can leverage A.I. tools to create digital products, manage social media, write resumes or SEO, create content itself, overdub videos, and even generate art. Each of these areas presents opportunities for profitable ventures utilizing ai tools.

Can you make money with A.I.?

Absolutely. The demand for services powered by artificial intelligence is grproliferatingBy using A.I. tools in your side hustles like blogging or web design, you can boost profitability significantly.

How to use A.I. to make money in 2023?

In 2023, consider exploring high-demand areas such as resume writing and SEO optimization using powerful A.I. tools. Also, look into creating children’s books or book covers with AI-generated content.

How to make money with A.I. fast?

Leverage existing skills alongside efficient A.I. software in high-demand sectors like social media management and other video editing services. Offering specialized services based on these combinations can help you earn quick income.


A.I. side hustles are no longer a thing of the future. They’re here, and they’re changing the game for early retirement.

The power of A.I. tools is undeniable – from boosting web design to enhancing writing quality.

Are you diversifying income streams with digital products? A reality thanks to artificial intelligence.

Social media management, resume writing, SEO optimization – all high-demand services where A.I. shines bright and you can start all number of different AI side hustles with ai tool.

Voiceover opportunities using A.I.? An emerging trend worth exploring. And online course let’s not forget about creating profitable ventures with children’s books through AI-generated content!

If you’re ready to unlock your earning potential by leveraging these exciting opportunities in tech and AI…

Consider diving into AdamDRoper.com! Learn how yotoiversify your online business, boost profits, and fast-track retirement. Start your journey today.

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