If you are a job seeker – did you know that increasingly more often a human will never see your resume until a computer program has filtered out your resume first!

In today’s competitive job market you are now not only competing your peers but also with Artificial Intelligence!

Don’t worry though

I have completed the comparison of different AI resume makers and cover letter writers so that you can choose the best one for your needs and create a great resume.

The criteria I have used are ease of use, Applicatnt Tracking System (ATS) optimization abilities, template variety, pricing, and if they have what I call additional features like cover letter builders and job tracking capability.

A robot sitting at a desk with a laptop.
A robot sitting at a desk with a laptop.

What is the Best AI Resume Builder available now?

  • Best Overall: Rezi.ai – slightly more pricey when purchasing monthly but offers real-time feedback on your resume’s content throughout, a blockchain verified resume & provide Interview Q&A to help prepare you for the interview.
  • Runner-Up: A very close runner-up and really, if you don’t need the advanced features that Rezi offers, KickResume is probably a better choice.
  • Best for job applications also: Resume.io is a solid resume builder but also has a job tracking feature as well as resume analytics so you can see when your resume has been viewed, even if you don’t get any feedback from hiring managers.

To help give you an overview of all the AI-powered resume marers that I have reviewed I have created this comparison table:

Feature/BuilderRezi.aiKickResumeEnhanCVResume.ioCV Owl
Ease of UseHighHighModerateHighModerate
ATS OptimizationAdvancedStandardStandardStandardStandard
Template VarietyExtensiveExtensiveGoodSolidGood
Pricing (Monthly)$29$19$24.95$24.95Unclear
Lifetime Option$129NoneNoneNoneNone
Cover Letter BuilderYesYesYesYesExtra Cost
Job TrackingNoYes (Pyjama Jobs)NoYesNo
Real-time FeedbackYesYesNo (5 mins delay)NoNo
Blockchain Verified ResumeYesNoNoNoNo
Interview Q&AYesNoNoNoNo
Additional FeaturesInterview prep, blockchain resumeResume website, resignation letter generatorCareer counsellingJob tracking board, Chrome extensionSOP builder, LinkedIn profile, Video resume
Free TrialLimited AI creditsBasic templates7 days1 text resumeYes
Money-Back GuaranteeNo14 daysNoNoNo
Student/Teacher Free PremiumNoPossibleNoNoNo

Now, I’ll take you through my detailed review of the top AI resume creators so you can choose the right one for you.

A man sitting at a desk writing a letter to a robot.
A man sitting at a desk writing a letter to a robot.
Best Overall
The rezi logo on a white background.

1. Rezi.ai

Rezi is my pick after evaluating it’s competitors because of the features that it offers that goes beyond just a standard resume maker and cover letter builder.

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Rezi.ai has a great selection of resume and cover letter templates across many different industries but offers more in terms of resume features and also helping you actually land the job at the interview stage.

It comes with a resume summary generator to help you fill in the information for online jobs and also offers the option of creating a blockchain verified resume. Most other resume builders offer a resume checker but some can take 24 – 48 hours to get back to you – Rezi and KickResume are the only ones I have found that has a real-time checker to get feedback instantly. This is a feature I jhave not seen in the other resume creators I have researched. I am sure this will become a bigger thing in the future to guard against application fraud.

Rezi also offers Interview questions & answer assistance to help prepare you for the interview to take you right from job application to actually landing the dream job!.

The pricing options is more expensive when subscribing monthly but the lifetime option I think is a great option for those that will need to create multiple resumes and cover letters in the future or who are applying for a lot of jobs and want to make sure every application is properly optimized.


There is a free trial but only allows limited AI credits to write your own resume, but this is a really good way to try it out.

The monthly subscription is more expensive than the others I have evaluated at $29/m but it is the only one I have seen with a lifetime purchase option at a reasonable $129. If you are doing a lot of applications or forsee needing to write a lot of resumes or cover letters in the future and need future interview prep help this is a good value in my opinion.

My Experience of
  • Lots of great looking resume and cover letter templates across different industries
  • Real-time feedback when using the resume checker
  • Can create a summary of the job description on your resume with one-click
  • Interview questions & answers, powered by AI
  • Can create a blockchain verified resume
  • Free (but limited) trial available
  • This is the most expensive resume builder I have evaluated (I do think it is justified based on the features you get that other best resume builder makers don’t have)
  • No website builder (may not be an issue for most people)
  • Doesn’t come with reseume guides

Best Runner-Up
Kickresume logo on a white background.

2. KickResume

Kickresume was a close contender for my top pick and it is a solid resume and cover letter generator, the only reason it is not top is that it doesn’t offer the blockchain verified resume or interview Q & A that Rezi does.

Kickresume doesn’t have of the more interesting features compared to other online resume builders – like  video resume creation but what it does have it a shed load of templates for resumes and cover letters and even a resignation letter generator which I hope you won’t need to use too much.

Kickresume has specific resume and cover letter writing guides, a feature only EnhanCV also provides.

Another great feature that this resume builder has is that it can turn your resume into a website, providing a really cool way to show off your CV. THis is a feature I have only also seen elsewhere in EnhanCV.

Kickresume, like Rezi can provide instant feedback on your resume, rather than waiting like other software.

A unique feature, that I haven’t seen in other AI resume creators that I have tested is Kick Resume’s remote work finder that they have called ‘Pyjama Jobs’ that is pretty cool where it can help you find work from home jobs.


There is a free trial but only allows the use of their basic templates

The monthly subscription is about the same as most other resume buildres I have evaluated at $19 per month and if you go for longer sibscritpion lengths you can get that down to $13 per month every 3 months and as low as $7 per month when billed annually, so gives you ltos of flexibility.

One good thing to note is that if you are a student or teacher it might be possible to get the premium version for free.

There is also a 14 day money back guarantee

My Experience….
  • Stacks of great templates for resumes and cover letters
  • Specific guides for resumes and cover letter writing
  • Instant feedback when using the resume checker
  • Resignation letter generator
  • Resume website creator
  • Multiple subscription options
  • Free trial available
  • Remote job finder
  • It’s hard to find any really but it doesn’t have the advanced features of Rezi like a blockchain verified resume or AI interview Q & A.

Good Value
The logo for enchantyv on a green background.

3. EnhanCV

This resume builder is one I hadn’t heard much of but the more I evaluated its features the more I was impressed. It doesn’t have some of the advanced features that KickResume and Rezi have but it’s a good option and at the time of writing was on sale for 33% off their pro version.

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It does have resume and cover letter templates and a AI powerered writing assistant but one annoyhing this is that the resume checker deosn’t provide instant feedback like Rezi or KickResume, it does provide feedback within 5 mins but when there are alternativees available for a similar price its annoying.

It does provide writing guides, like KickResume does which is really helpful.

One unique feature that EnhanCV provides that I haven’t seen in any other resume builder I have tested is career counselling services and career guides.


There is a 7 day free trial and monthly after that is $24.95 which is more than it’s competitors who are generally below $20.

The Pro version, at time of writing however was the cheapest when billed monthly as they are giving a deal for 33% off, that s a 33% discount from regular pricing of $24.95

My Experience…
  • Good number of resume and cover letter templates
  • Resume and cover letter writing guides
  • Career counselling services & guides
  • Resume check feedback takes 5 mins (as opposed to Rezi or KickResume which is instant
  • Free trial is only 7 days

Runner Up
Resume io logo on a white background.

4. Resume.io

A solid resume and cover letter only maker, does exactly what is says on the tin – doesn’t have some of the other features that other resume builders have like writing guides, video resume creation or website creation but is a solid name that has been around for a while.

A unique feature that resume.io has is its job tracking board where you can track the status of jobs applied for, replies, interviews scheduled etc and also has a nifty chrome extension too.


It does have a free trial that isn’t as good as others – gives you one free text based resume. You can do a 7 day trial for $2.95 but watch out as it is auto-billing if not cancelled in time ot the standard $24.95 monthly subscription fee.

The monthly fee alone is at the highest end I have seen for resume builders but if you go for the 6 month subscription at $44.95 or 12 month subscription at $74.95 the monthly price is much more competitive

My Experience..
  • Very solid and time-tested range of resume and cover leter tempaltes and AI writing powered assistant
  • Job tracking board (with chrime exstenion)
  • month-only price is a the highest end I have seen (but does go down if you do longer 6 or 12 month subscriptions)
  • No writing guides
  • No resume checker
  • No advanced featrues of Rezi or KickResume

Hidden Gem
Cv owl logo on a white background.

5. CV Owl

CV Owl is an AI resume maker that I hadn’t heard of before conducting my research but it does seem to be a good contender to its competitors, however the pricing structure does not seem to be that good.

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There are three unique features that CV Owl has that I haven’t seen yet in an Ai resume builder, these are the Statement of Purpose (SOP) builder, LinkedIn profile gnerator and their Video resume generator.


CV Owl does offer a free trial, however from what I can find the $19.99 isn’t a monthly subscription but instead states that they offer ‘multiple’ revisions. Also this price is for the resume generation only – all the other features like cover letter generation are extra.

My Experience…
  • video resume generator
  • SOP generator
  • LinkedIN profile generator
  • their pricing model is unclear and unclear how many revisions you can make to the resume
  • All other features offered are on top of the $19.99 fee.

A robot sitting at a desk and writing.
A robot sitting at a desk and writing.

What Is AI Resume Building?

To make sure your resume is picked up by HR’s ATS system you ned to make sure it is optimized with the correct keywords. Here is where AI resume writers shine.

You can take already made tempaltes, based on your profession and use the built-in AI powered resume writing assistants to write the resume or to help guide you.

How Can AI Resume Builders Benefit You?

The short answer and the most important is that they can really help your chances of passing the screening stage by recruiters and hiring managers.

These AI powered resume builders have been created to specifically optimize your CV so that it is optimized for ATS screening.

Another big plus is that they have lots of industry specific templates that look good and are still professional so you are not starting with a blank document.

Some of the resume makers also offer more advanced features like writing guides and even job application tracking.

Compared to traditional methods, using an AI resume maker is worlds apart, you are getting, as standard,   like real-time writing assitanace, real time resume checking (for some the feedback is not instant), error detection, and ATS optimization.

A man in a suit is standing in front of two robots.
A man in a suit is standing in front of two robots.

My Evaluation Criteria

In my evaluation I have take the following into account:

  • AI-Powered resume writing and assistance: This one is a given for an AI writer but some are better than others and need to also make sure they provide ATS optimized content.
  • Templates: Extent of templates for each industry and if it provides industry specific templates to get you started quickly.
  • Resume Checker: Does it have a checker against other similar resumes in it’s database or against an ATS algorithm?
  • Cover Letter: This is pretty standard but they should also provide the same for cover letters. Some even offer resignation letter generation.
  • Guides: Does it provide more guidance on how to write resumes and cover letters, and for specific industries?
  • Job tracking capability: Does it let you track your job status in the  software?
  • Advanced features: Advanced features such as Interview prep, SOP builders, cideo resume creator and personal resume website creation are not common to all but give some of these tools that extra edge in helping you land that job.
  • Pricing: Does it offer a free trial? Does it offer flexible subscription options and unlimited resume and cover letter creation as part of those subscriptions?

Wrapping Up, My Take on the Best Resume Makers

After a thorough evaluation of five online AI resume builders there are two that stand out for me, with Rezi marginally ahead of KickResume as it offers some advanced features that I haen;t seen anywhere else.

Rezi gives you the chance to create a vblockchain verified resume as well as provides AI interview Q&A assistance as part of their offering – something you would normally need to pay extra with a separate subscription to an AI powered interview assistance tool.

KickResume doesn’t have the advanced featuress of Rezi but some people might not even need them. It ihas a very robust set of templates so you can easily get started with an industry-specific template. KickResume also offers very detailed resume and cover letter writing guides and the ability to create a personal website – something Rezi doesn’t.

The other AI resume creator tools – CV Owl, EnhanCV & Resume.io are stil very good if you are looking for solid resume builders but for me they just aren’t as deep in terms of tempaltes or features.

For example, EhanCV offers career counselling services and guides and CV Ol offers the ability to create a video resume and linkedIN profile that is optimized.

Overall though you can’t really go wrong with any of these if you just need a standard resume.

A man in a suit sitting at a desk.
A man in a suit sitting at a desk.

Frequently Asked Questions about AI Resume Builders

What is an AI Resume Builder?

An AI resume builder will help you write a resume from scratch or optimize your existing resume using their built-in AI writing assistants.

Why should I use an AI Resume Builder?

Most employers will use ATS software to screen your resume for certain keywords before it ever sees a human being – using an AI powered resume maker is a simple way to make sure your resume includes these keywords.

Are AI Resume Builders expensive?

From my evaluation you are looking at between $19 to $25 per month if you sign up for a monthly subscrittion but if you sign up for longer periods say 6 or 12 months the monthly price drops down. There are also some lifetime subscription options that I think are reasonably priced.

How do AI Resume Builders improve my chances of landing interviews?

AI resume builders make sure your resume includes the right keywords that AT software expects when screening resumes based on job descriptions. This way your CV will make it to the hiring managers desk so you have a better chance of getting to the interview stage.

Can I create cover letters with AI Resume Builders?

Absolutely, all resume makers I have reviewed include this as standard and are normally one-click to create based on each job you are applying to.

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