These days, your resume needs to be optimized to pass the ATS programs that hiring managers use to screen resumes before they pass the desk of a human being.

There are a lot of online AI resume builders out there, some better than others

KickResume is in my top three picks for an AI CV maker

Conclusion: Should You Buy KickResume?

Out of my top three – KickResume, & Rezi, KickResume is slightly the cheapest but offers two things the others don’t – athe ability to create your own personal website for your resume to make it interactive and also it’s remote jobs database (Pyjama jobs) where you can upload your resume and their AI will find the most suitable job role.

These both might not be features that everyone is after so anohter way to look at it  is – do you want the advanced features the others offer? The job tracking and resume analytics that offers or the blockchain verified resume and Interview Q & A that offers for a premium?

KickResume Summary

It has one of the best collection of resumes by industry and writing guides, as well as a nifty little feature – Pyjama jobs – their remote work job search platform.

Here’s why it is in my top three…

Chat GPT powered

The AI writing assistant plugs into Chat GPT.

Resume Library

Great library of already made templates

Resignation letters

Unique to kickResume from what I have seen.

Personal Resume website

Create your own website with the click of a button

Cover Letters

Chat GPT powered cover letter generator.

Writing guides

Great guides and best practice overviews

Overall Rating:

4.5 / 5

KickReseume Pros

  • Resume Checker
  • AI Writing Assistant
  • Personal Website Maker
  • Resume Templates
  • Pyjama jobs
  • Free premium offer for student and teachers

KickResume Cons

  • Pricing: A 6 month option would have been good
  • Lacks some of the advanced features of it’s competitors

Starts at $7/month
(Free for students & teachers)

A screen shot of a website with a lot of different options.

My Experience Using KickResume

What I like most about KickResume is the chatbot which is really helpful. Other resume makers that I have used rely on dialogue boxes appearing as you go through the steps which is a bit limiting.

Overally, it is very easy to create my resume and cover letter and the integration with Chat GPT-4 meant I could interrogate it further to get decent suggestions – I would hope KickResume keep using the latest version int eh future to keep up to date.

The basic tempaltes weren’t that good but to be honest they aren;lt very good for most builders.

What is KickResume Resume Builder?

KickResume is an online AI resume maker that uses Artificial Intelligence to help you craft a resume, cover letter or even resignation letter.

The AI part comes in the form of a chatbot that helps to guide you through the whole process – even helping you pick the right resume template, based on the job you are applying for or your current job title.

It uses a LLM that you have probably heard of before – Chat GPT and what is also great is that they use their latest version – Chat GPT-4 so you are getting the most up to date suggestions from OpenAI.

Who is KickResume for?

This is not one of those free online resume makers that overdelivers – yes it is paid but if you want a serious online resume maker that has great AI writing assistance features, you cant go wrong with KickResume.

This is for the serious job seeker.

A screen shot of a website with a lot of different options.
A screen shot of a website with a lot of different options.

What benefits does KickResume provide?

My best way to describe the best features of KickResume is that it is a solid allrounder. Other online resume builders offer some more advances and unique features such as the ability to create a video resume (CV Owl) or blockchain verified resume (Rezi.AI) but KickResume, in my opinion gives you everything you need at a decent price, with flexible pricing also available.

Resume Library

The friendly chatbot will ask you questions and guide you through the process to suggest which resume tempalte is best for you.

You don’t need to use it’s suggestion though and can make the msot of their extensive library and even browse by industry to get the right feel straight away.

For  me it was cool to look at other industries from my own to find a resume tempalte that stood out.

AI writing assistant

The chatbot also helps you fill out your resume. It does this using their integration to the Chat GPT-4 LLM, so essentially you are getting the same function as paying for the premium Chat GPT (approx. $20 per month) so you are getting the latest from OpenAI.

Now, it is not perfect and especially for more unique job titles it might struggle but it definitely helps you get started but like anythig AI, you will need to edit yourself to make it specific to you.

Openai powered by openai's gp4np model.
Openai powered by openai’s gp4np model.

Cover Letters

Just like others you have the ability toquickly create custom cover letters based on each job you are applying to. Here is where KickResume shines with its direct integration to Chat GPT 4. Agan the chat bot guides you through the process. I would suggest editing it to add some humaness and make sure it is specific to your job application

Personal Resume website

This is a cool feature and while not completely unique to KickResume, as CV Owl also provide this, but these are the only two that I have seen so far. This lets you, in one click, upload your resume to create a personal website so that your resume ebcomes interactive – something that I think will be beneficial to those in teh creative fields to showcase their profilios but I think most people could find a good use for it.

How to turn your resume into a personal website.
How to turn your resume into a personal website.

Writing guides

They provide a good overview for the best practises on creating your CV and also your cover letter. These guides are useful and they also provide helpful templates and tips that are easily accessible when you are writing your own.

A screen shot of a resume writing page.
A screen shot of a resume writing page.

Resignation letters

This is a unique feature to KickResume – although I don;t really see how useful this feature will be, unless you plan on writing a lot of these, its a nice to have.

KickResume Pricing – How Much Does it Cost?

The good thing about KickResume’s pricing is that they do offer a free trial (only the basic tempaltes though but good enough to test it out) and they offer flexible pricing options. You can subscribe monthly, quarterly or annually – the longer subscriptions will reduce your monthly cost. At time of my review, monthly was $19, quarterly and annualy worked out to be $13 and $7 per month respectively.

They do offer a 14 day money back guarantee

Also at time of review they had the offer for students and teachers to get free premium subscriptions.

KickResume – Advantages and Disadvantages

KickResume Advantages

  • Resume Checker: Some online resume checkers take up to 48 hours to give feedback, with Kicresume it is instant – allowing you to see how your resume compares to other similar resumes and also if you have included the right keywords or are too repetitive etc
  • AI Writing Assistant: Integrated to the latest version of Chat GPT 4
  • Resume Templates: Good amount of templates and industry-specific resumes
  • Cover Letter: Simply create cover letters using their AI integration
  • Resignation letter creation: This seems to be a unique feature to Kickresume, based on all the online resume makers I have reviewed.
  • Personal Website Maker: You can turn your resume interactive into a unique website for you
  • Pricing: Free trial offered as well as flexible subscription options. Monthly is good value.
  • Free premium offer for students and teachers
  • Pyjama jobs – their own remote jobs feature

KickResume Disadvantages

  • Pricing: A 6 month option would have been good.
  • Advanced Features: Misses some features like a blockchain verified resume that Rezi.AI offers and a video resume creator that CV Owl offers

KickResume Alternatives

There are loads of AI resume makers out there but in terms of competition for KickResume I would say only and offers advanced features like a blockchain-verified resume and Interview Q & A assistance to help get you ready for the interview – but this comes at a premium of $24.99 per month.

I would say that is the main competitor and is only slightly more expensive at $19.99 for the monthly subscription and comes with job tracking and resume statistics so you can track who has seen your resume, however doesn’t have a website builder.

KickResume FAQ

Kickresume is in my top 3 picks and is the chepaest whilst also offering the ability to create a personal website – definitely worth considering

In my opinion, if you only get a resueme builder once it is worth it, you need to make sure your resume os properly optimized to make sure it gets past ATS screening software.

It is a solid AI online resume maker and is in my top three after reviewing many AI CV builders.

you can get a free resume using their basic templates, which donlt look that good but allow you to try out the features – bear in mind ther are some premium features like adding skillsm eduation and color customizations that are only availabel in the premium verison.

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