is a very solid AI resume builder with a good number of starter templates (28 at time of review) but most importantly industry-specific templates and guidance. Also their statistics features is really cool – you can see how many views and for how long your resume has got! Summary

You are getting a solid online resume creator with a very good library of starter and industry specific templates, as well as resume and cover letter writing guidance.

This resume builder goes beyond it’s competitors with its statistics feature and with a Trustpilot rating of 4.6/5 from 47,566 review – I can see why so many people rate this product is in my top three of AI resume builders that I have tested but what makes it stand out is its features once you apply for jobs – something I haven’t yet seen in it’s competitors.

Resume statistics feature

unique to from my own research

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Job tracking

(with their chrome extension)

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Good library of starter templates

29 tempaltes, as well as industry specific templates

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Helpful writing guides

For resumes, cover letter and industry-specific guides

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Cover letter generator

Specific to each job you are applying to

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great flexibility when compared to other resume builder software – free trial, 7 day premium trial as well as monthly, 6 month and 12 month options

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Overall Rating:

4.8 / 5 Pros

  • Resume statistics feature
  • Job tracking
  • Good library of starter templates
  • Helpful writing guides
  • Cover letter generator
  • Price Cons

  • Limited input to AI writing assistant
  • Monthly only subscription
  • No personal website or video resume generation

$2.95 for 7 day trial

How to create a resume in wordpress.

My Experience With [Product Name]

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What is is an AI powered resume maker that is available online that also can create cover letters using it’s AI assistant.

There are quite a few resume builders out there right now, check out my roundup of the best AI resume builders for more information.

You can make sure your resume includes the keyword that employers ATS software will be screening for, making it more likely your resume will make it through to the hiring manager.

Who is for?

This AI online resume maker is for those job seekers who are are looking for a premium resume builder with AI assistance and also want help during the job application process.

Top benefits of

I’ve evaluated many resume builders in my quest for the best and is one that is as much of a household name as you can get in AI resume creators.

Here are what I think are it’s best features and ones that are unique to

  • Decent AI writing assistant
  • Good Template Library
  • Writing guides
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Job Tracking (with chrome extension)
  • Resume Statistics
A screen shot of a resume writing page.
A screen shot of a resume writing page.

Decent AI writing assistant

The writing assistant will help you fill in your job descritpion and skills as well as other elements in your resume.

Based on your inputs, such as job title it will give you suggestions based on sentences to provide that will add the correct keywords.

Good Template Library

It has a solid library of starter templates – 28 at time of review and that doesn’t even include the industry-specific ones that also include writing guides.

From creating my own resume in I found my job description no problem – it seemed like a good range of options.

Writing guides

There are overall resume and cover letter writing guides available as well as how to use

The most useful I found were the industry specific guides that I found when I found my industry specific template that made it a much easier starting point to revise based on my experience.

Cover Letter Writing

Like most other resume builders – you can very simply create a cover letter by inputing in the link to the online job advert you want to apply to, making a custom cover letter.

Job Tracking (with chrome extension)

This is unique to, from my evaluations so far – you can track the status of your applications in your job dashboard.

You can check for ones you are writing, applying to, interview stage etc – make it very clean and a great workspace hub for the whole ob application process.

They also just added a chrome extension to make this process a lot simpler.

Resume Statistics

This is a really cool feature that I haven’t seen elsewhere – the ability to track who has viewed your resume and for how long.

You might not get any feedback from job application but at least you can see if its was opened and from there you can see what works and is getting to hiring managers.

How to create a resume in wordpress.
How to create a resume in wordpress. Pricing – How Much Does it Cost?

Here is where stands out for offering flexibility in it’s subscription options.

You can get a free trial that allows you to create one resume with one tempalte, which is good to get to know how it works.

You can also get the premium features for only $2.95 for 7 days, after which it will go to the monthly only subscription of $24.95 (if you don’t cancel) – this is slightly higher than some others for their monthly price.

What it does offer is 6 month of 12 month subscription lengths for $44.95 and $74.95 respectively that bring the monthly cost right down, below its competitors.

Other AI resume builders like CV Owl. EnhanCV or don’t offer anything beyond a straight monthly subscription (ranging between $19 to $29 for the more advanced Rezi resume builder). Alternatives

Check out my review of the best AI resume builders for a full roundup of all alternatives but notable ones with similar features are:

  • – One of two competitors to in my opinion, Rezi is more expensive and offers advanced features like a blockchain verified resume that might not be needed by some.
  • KickResume – Like for like this is it’s biggest competitor I think, hoiwever deosnt have job tracking or resume statistics.
A screen shot of a resume writing page.
A screen shot of a resume writing page.

My Personal Experience with

I found easy to use and intuitive – it did a good job guiding me through fist the resume creation process and then the cover letter generator.

I went with the industry specific template after searching and it was there no proble, even had some helpful guides to use.

I had a small issue with the job title as ‘SEO Consultant’ wasn’t available in their list but ‘SEO Specialist’ was – in the end I had to use that to get the AI insights then go back and change my title.

So, I was able to get some good writing help but only after a small workaround.

I did have some trouble too with the cover letter generator – my first 2 attempts I entered in the job application link and got to click ‘generate’ and it encountered an error message but worked on the thris go do don’t know if it was my internet or anything or on their end.

I have not yet used their job tracking feature (or chrome extension) or their resume statistics feature but I am looking forward to trying them out once I apply for jobs.

A screenshot of a page with a button to create a course.
A screenshot of a page with a button to create a course.

Conclusion: Should You Buy

The ability to track job appplicaitons, although basic is really handy to have it all in the same dashboard so you can literally use as your job application hub.

Also their resume statistics feature is another unique feature that once you apply for jobs I think you too will think is really useful, even for your own sanity if you are not getting responses.

This is a very good AI resume builder that will not only help you reate a strong resume but will help you keep organized and motivated during th eapplication process. Frequently Asked Questions

It is one of my top 3 AI resume builders that I have tested and actually, depending on the features you want it could be the best choice for you.

This resume maker can make sure your resume is optimized with the keywords you need so that the employers ATS system should pick upo your resume in the automatic screening process. Also, it can help you create a custome cover letter or each job.

It is very much legit and one of the best AI resume builders that I have tested. It’s stand out features are it’s job tracking and resume analytics features to help you in the application process.

You can create one text-based resume for free, also you can sign up for a premium 7 day trial for $2.95.

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